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20+ Stunning Shiplap Ceiling Ideas + Time Saving Tips

Shiplap is a type of paneling or planking made of wood that was traditionally used as a water-tight seal on ships. The use of it quickly extended to the exterior of buildings throughout North America and in Scandinavian design to make homes wind and waterproof.

It was not long before this wood effect moved indoors and it has become increasingly popular today in interior design due to its simple yet striking aesthetic appeal. When used for home décor the different textures create visual intrigue and a focal point within a space. It’s especially popular in Swedish-style homes where hygge is an important factor.

Often used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedroom spaces, attic rooms, and outdoor areas, shiplap boards are typically oriented horizontally and interlock at the edges.

An added bonus to installing a shiplap ceiling is that it can go over ugly ‘popcorn ceilings’ without needing costly and messy removal.

When used for home décor the different textures Shiplap Ceilings can create visual intrigue and a focal point within a space.

Credit: DynoDecor

What type of shiplap is used on ceilings?

The most popular types include:

• Traditional Wooden shiplaps • Engineered wood shiplaps • Vinyl shiplaps • Reclaimed wood shiplaps.

Each type of shiplap will have its own unique look and feel, so you should take your time to choose the right one for your home.

Shiplap vs Faux Shiplap Ceiling

Faux shiplap is a cheaper alternative to real shiplap that offers an almost identical look. It can be made out of thin MDF boards, tongue and groove, v boards, and long strips of wood (or even drawn on/painted!) that can be painted any color, which makes it more versatile in terms of design.

Examples of Shiplap Ceiling Ideas

1. Classic shiplap ceiling – this traditional shiplap look is a timeless classic and can be used in any room for an instant sense of style.


2. Painted shiplap – transform a shiplap ceiling by painting it with your favorite color to add an extra pop of character to the room.


3. Shiplap herringbone pattern – make the design stand out even more by adding a creative herringbone pattern to the shiplap, which gives off a modern yet rustic vibe.


4. Reclaimed wood shiplap – use reclaimed wood for a unique shiplap ceiling that will bring additional warmth and texture to the room. This wood could be reclaimed, original wood paneling


5. Shiplap ceiling beams – shiplap beams are a great way to add interest and dimension to any shiplap ceiling. These look particularly spectacular with vaulted shiplap ceilings and pair well with exposed wood ceiling joists.


6. White shiplap ceiling – this all-white shiplap look is perfect for creating that modern, clean look in any space. White shiplap ceilings are a popular choice too as they offer a timeless look that won’t date over time.

For those looking to create an airy and peaceful atmosphere in their bedroom, white shiplap can be a perfect choice. It adds texture without overwhelming the space and pairs nicely with light wood furniture and crisp white linens.


7. Whitewashed shiplap – if you want to create a beachy vibe in your home, whitewash the shiplap boards for a more natural feel.


8. Beadboard shiplap – beadboard shiplap is an easy way to add texture and visual interest to any room with its classic wainscoting pattern.


9. Dark stained ceiling shiplap – use dark stained shiplap to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, while still creating a modern look.


10. Farmhouse style shiplap – give your shiplap ceiling a rustic farmhouse feel by adding some distressed boards and warm tones.


11. Exposed beam shiplap – expose the wooden beams in your space for an industrial yet warm look that will be sure to wow guests every time they come over.


12. Shiplap walls with a wood trim – create a chic, sophisticated look by pairing shiplap ceilings or walls with wood trim around them—the contrast will have you pinching yourself in admiration!


13. Patterned shiplap – make it stand out even more by adding a unique pattern to the boards.


14. Colourful shiplap – add a playful and cheerful look to your shiplap ceiling by painting it in bold, bright colours.

add a playful and cheerful look to your shiplap ceiling by painting it in bold, bright colours.

15. Shiplap in the kitchen – use shiplap to enhance your kitchen counters for a modern yet rustic look that will be sure to impress.


16. Shiplap fireplace surrounds – if you have a brick fireplace, shiplap is great for giving it an updated, more modern look while still keeping the charm of the original structure intact.

if you have a brick fireplace, shiplap is great for giving it an updated, more modern look while still keeping the charm of the original structure intact.

Credit: April Tomlin

17. Accent shiplap – create an eye-catching design element by using shiplap as an accent wall in any room.

create an eye-catching design element by using shiplap as an accent wall in any room.

Credit: Remodelaholic

18. Textured shiplap – make the shiplap stand out even more by adding texture to it with some whitewash, different wood, mosaics or paint.


19. Shiplap ceiling in a bathroom – shiplap is perfect for creating a luxurious spa-like look in any bathroom!


20. Industrial shiplap – create an edgy, industrial vibe in your space with boards made from metal or other durable materials.


21. Vertical Shiplap Ceiling – by using the boards vertically it will visually make a small room seem bigger.


22. Horizontal shiplap ceiling – as above, by using the shiplap boards horizontally you can trick the eye into thinking a room is wider than it is or a high ceiling is lower than it is. It is amazing what our eyes perceive to be true just by the use of lines in our home decor!


23. Add crown molding – for an extra bougie vibe crown molding, in all its fabulous forms (and hiding edges you are not happy with!


Time Saving Tips

1. Use pre-primed shiplap boards

– these are already primed and ready to go so you can save time on painting them before installation.

2. Measure and cut shiplap boards ahead of time

– this will save you time as you won’t have to measure and cut each board once it is already up on the wall or ceiling.

3. Use shiplap construction adhesive

– shiplap construction adhesive can be used to bond the shiplap boards together, making installation faster and easier.

4. Invest in a shiplap jig

– a shiplap jig is designed specifically for cutting shiplap boards so they fit seamlessly together with no gaps or overlaps. This can end up saving you a lot of time in the long run!

5. Know that it’s a two-person job!

– installing shiplap on a ceiling is not an easy job and tho one very determined person may be able to do it depending on the wood choice, we advise doing this with someone.

6. Hide a popcorn ceiling

– by choosing this DIY project, you have the perfect solution for a dated, ugly popcorn ceiling! Avoid the mess and laborious task of scraping ceilings: hide it with a lovely white shiplap ceiling!

Bonus: Add Shiplap Accents

1. Shiplap headboard

– use shiplap as the base of a beautiful shiplap headboard for a unique design element that will make any bedroom look more inviting and stylish.

use shiplap as the base of a beautiful shiplap headboard for a unique design element that will make any bedroom look more inviting and stylish.

Credit: Bless This Nest

2. Shiplap shelves

– shiplap makes the perfect material for creating stylish and functional shelving.

3. Shiplap furniture

– shiplap can be used to create custom furniture, from coffee tables and nightstands to armoires and bookcases.

4. Shiplap backsplash

– shiplap is not just for ceilings! It’s also great for creating a modern yet rustic wood paneling look in your kitchen with shiplap backsplashes behind counters or islands.

5. Shiplap wall art

– shiplap boards make the perfect canvas for any type of artwork you want to display in your home, from paintings to photographs.

6. Get creative with color

– choose colors that will bring out the shiplap’s natural beauty and add an extra pop of character to the space.

7. Stun with shiplap walls

– shiplap is perfect for creating a unique design element in any room, so don’t be afraid to use it as an accent wall!

8. Get creative with patterns

– shiplap boards can also be used to create eye-catching patterns such as herringbone or chevron, which will instantly add style and personality to your space.

Top Tips on How to Install a Shiplap Ceiling

Installing shiplap can be done by most people with basic DIY skills and tools. Here are some handy tips on how to install it easily:

• Measure your wall or ceiling area accurately before purchasing materials.

  • Use a stud finder to mark where studs can be found on the ceiling

• Use nails or screws to secure the shiplap boards in place

• Use shims to fill in any gaps between the shiplap boards

• Use caulking to seal off any seams and joints, and use wood filler to fill any holes in the shiplap board

• Prime and paint before installation

• Sand down any rough edges after installation

• Consider adding a finish coat such as polyurethane, wax, or shellac for extra protection

• Lastly, follow all safety guidelines when working with power tools.

What is the average cost of shiplapping a ceiling?

While the cost of shiplapping a ceiling can vary depending on the size of the space and materials used, it typically costs between $1.00 – $2.50 per square foot.

Shiplap Ceiling Maintenance

– just regular dusting or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment every few months should do the trick!


We hope that these shiplap ceiling ideas will inspire you and provide useful tips on how to install shiplap with ease.

From the first board to the last, shiplap ceilings are a great way to add interest, texture, and warmth to any room. Whether you choose natural wood shiplap or paint it in bold colors, shiplap is sure to take your home’s design up a notch! So get creative and have fun with it!

Happy shiplapping!

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