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10 Cozy Hygge Style Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

What is the Danish Concept of Hygge?

The Hygge-style design creates a peaceful, serene place without clutter. Mess causes stress, contrary to calming ways of Danish living.

Natural materials, layered textures, and cozy corners make hygge decor a timeless trend that works for every family.

While Hygge is often associated with the cold winter months, it is primarily meant for family enjoyment all year long. Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and a cup of hot cocoa after a long tiring day?!

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How do you say the Danish Word “Hygge”?

Hygge is pronounced “HOO-guh” or “Hew-gah”. The word can be traced back to a similar old Norwegian word meaning ‘to be protected from the world outside’.

Sticking to Neutral Colors

As displayed in many Scandinavian styles, a neutral color palette with soft shades is a must. Think light whites, greys, beiges, and taupes for the base of your room.

These neutral colors will serve as an ideal backdrop to showcase furniture and decorative pieces in more vibrant or vigorous hues of the same tone.

Since hygge decor is really all about you and what you like, there is no hard a fast rule about what colors you add. If you love bright pink – go for it! The neutral colors will showcase your faves well.

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Layer up Textures and Different Textiles

Curtains, throw blankets and cushions are great ways to layer up the texture in your home. Hygge décor is often based on natural materials like cotton, wool, or linen which will help you achieve an inviting atmosphere.

Consider extending this idea when it comes to furniture and accessories. For example, A wooden tray with a foliage-filled ceramic vase on top of a coarse-woven footrest on top of a sheepskin rug. You get the idea.

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If wool/ sheepskin doesn’t work for you vegan alternatives are a perfectly good option, I personally wont say no to a faux fur or two scattered around. Have fun. Find things that you want to touch.

How to Get Started with Hygge Decor

Start small by investing in smaller items that will instantly make your home feel cozy. Try adding a soft, chunky weave blanket to the back of your sofa or an interesting-looking lampshade to the corner of your room.

It is also important to create open spaces and maintain good ventilation.

To really embrace hygge living the best place to start would be to de-clutter your living space.

Light it Up

Ambient lighting plays a key role in hygge design. Layer your lighting up with fairy lights, lampshades made of natural materials (that create wonderful shadows when illuminated), and candles.

Mood lighting is intrinsic to the hygge lifestyle. Consider removing heavy curtains and allowing for as much natural light as possible.

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Bringing the Outside In

Whether you are growing herbs on your kitchen window or nurturing a pot plan that has been handed down over the generations – hygge decor and danish culture is all about embracing and nurturing nature and the outdoors.

If you, like myself, do not have a green thumb try succulents and plants that don’t mind a missed week of watering (or two!)

Large, sculptural pieces of wood and twigs are another (less demanding) option. Shadows created by twigs on walls painted in neutral tones can really be quite beautiful.

Changing Up Design Materials in Your Space

As mentioned before textures are so important in hygge decor. To really embrace the happy danish lifestyle ‘joy’ needs to be considered when creating your space.

What do you like to look at?

What textures do you like to feel?

What highlights your favorite possessions?

Consider these questions as you work on your interior design.

Create a Cozy Hideaway with Hygge Decor

Creating a cozy corner that catches the golden hour light as it streams in the window, or a reading nook beside the fire, or a textured sofa that envelopes you at the end of a day is the epitome of hygge interior design.

Find something that works for you and something that you find yourself daydreaming about coming home to. Hygge decor is all about you, your family, and your friends.

If you hear people say “I love your place, I always feel so at home”, then you may just have embraced the danish culture.


Adding In Warm Textures

What are warn textures? Implicit to hygge decor design is the relationship that you have with your home decor. To incorporate hygge you need to be actively involved with the look and the feel of it.

Don’t like the feel of wool on your skin? Don’t use it. There are some incredible, sustainable materials on the market now. I found the softest blanket recently that was made from recycled plastic water bottles!

Throw blankets, a hot chocolate station and your favorite candles all come under the heading of ‘warm textures’ – if it makes you feel all warm inside get it!

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Adding Antiques and Vintage for That Extra Hygge Style

Antiques and vintage pieces add an extra, unique layer to hygge decor. If you are lucky enough to have a piece of furniture that has been handed down through your family – use it!

There is so much beauty in antique pieces and vintage finds. Display them proudly within your home.

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Credit: rhubarbandlavender.com

Decorate with Firelight

Set the mood for your hygge decor with fire light. Whether you have a wood-burning fire or an electric one, create that warm glow of comfort by adding some extra blankets and throws in front of it and arranging some candles around it.

This will help to give your space that beautiful, homely feel that is immediately associated with Hygge. It is all about creating a space that feels like home and that you can retreat to at the end of your day.

Getting Comfy – Hygge Decor Style

Ultimately, Hygge decor is all about getting comfy and cozy. Create a space where you can cocoon yourself and get away from the pressures of everyday life. That could mean creating an extra cushioned corner with your favorite cushion, putting lamps around the room to create the perfect reading nook, and having super comfy clothes.

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15 Quick and Cheap Hygge Decor Ideas for Your Home

1. Clear the clutter – Get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you a purpose or make you happy.

2. Add a few pieces of furniture that you love – It might be something big, like a sofa, or small and cute like a footstool or side table.

3. Paint your walls in a warm, neutral color – Nothing says cozy like a deep, warm tone.

4. Hang fairy lights throughout the room – Lights create a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.

5. Add plants to your space – They bring life and color into any area of the house.

6. Put down an area rug- It will add warmth and texture to any room.

7. Put candles around the house – The soft, flickering light of candles is so inviting and calming.

8. Add cozy blankets to your furniture- Nothing says Hygge like wrapping yourself up in a cozy blanket.

9. Store books in baskets – A basket full of books adds a cozy touch to any room.

10. Hang a mirror in the hallway- Mirrors add a feeling of openness and space to any area.

11. Place cushions on your bed or couch – Cushions are an easy way to instantly make a space feel cozier.

12. Hang pictures of family and friends – Photos of loved ones bring joy and comfort into any room.

13. Put plants outside your windows – Plants bring the outdoors in and add a feeling of life to any space.

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The Hygge Decor-Inspired Dining Room

Keep Things Neat and Organized: The idea of Hygge decor is to be neat and organized comfortably. This will help create a feeling of calm and comfort in your dining room.

Replace Your Table Settings: Choose tableware that is simple, yet elegant. Soft tones and natural materials are ideal for creating a Hygge-inspired dining room.

Choose the Right Lighting: Invest in lighting fixtures that will light up the room and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Choose Comfortable Chairs: Choose chairs that are comfortable and will provide enough space for guests to relax during dinner. Soft cushions are also a great idea for adding an extra layer of coziness.

Layering Your Room with Cozy Rugs

Layering your floor with rugs is a great way to instantly add warmth and texture to any room. Choose a variety of different textures and materials for each rug, such as wool, jute or cotton.

Choose rugs in different sizes for a more visually interesting look. Place smaller rugs on top of larger ones to create an even cozier atmosphere.

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Credit: @anthropologie

A Hygge-Inspired Spa Style Bathroom:

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing, spa-like haven. Start by using soft, neutral colors and adding plenty of plants to the space. Opt for textured shelves to store items and accessorize with fluffy towels and candles.

A few pieces of furniture in natural materials are also essential for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Creating Hygge at Home with Natural Views

Add Plants and Flowers: Adding plants and flowers to window sills, either inside or out, reminds you of the seasons and the natural rhythm of life. Find paintings or photographs that remind you of your favorite places in nature.

Finding Inspiration from Others

Hygge decor is not for everyone so what’s better than finding a cozy space on the internet dedicated to sharing ideas, tips, and uplifting hygge content for you and your hygge home?

You can join this 105k-strong FB group ‘Creating a Cozy Life – Hygge style’ by the cozy life guru @Happy Montana.

My Cozy Hygge Decor Favorites:

Check out these hygge-style interior designers for more inspiration and hygge decor ideas:

Akvama Hoffmeyer’s company ‘File Under Pop’ creates breathtaking wallpapers, tiles, and paints.

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Ragnhild Wik of Wik Oslo creates slow, meditative pieces that invite the viewer to pause and reflect. Exceptional works by an exceptional artist that really embodies the true meaning of hygge.

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Creating Vignettes in your Hygge-Decor Home

Think about creating small vignettes throughout your home. This could be a coffee table in the living room, a kitchen counter, or even a window ledge.

Vignettes are almost like a tiny postcard, or unframed still life in your home that make you smile as you walk by and glance at them.

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Hygge is about slowing down and taking time to appreciate the simple things in life that bring joy.

Bringing hygge decor into your home will help create a comforting, cozy atmosphere perfect for winding down after a long day – perfectly reflecting the danish lifestyle from where this trend began.

From adding plants, inviting lighting, and soft cushions, to hanging art and photos of loved ones and layering rugs, there are endless ways to bring hygge into your home.

Experiment and enjoy the process of creating a calm and tranquil space for you and your family to enjoy.

Happy Hygge-ing!​

If you’re interested in learning more about Hygge and Scandinavian interior design – check out our recent article on Japandi style.

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